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      Hi , we produce microlighting videos in Cape Town South Africa and have most recently filmed a video called “flying the fish”… I am looking for HDV sports camera that you can mount out on your wing tips …


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      HDV cams aren’t yet available in helmet mounted/aka sports cams/ designs that I’ve seen. However, if you’ve got some time and money you could probably design an areodynamic mounting case for Sony’s new HDR-HC1 HDV. I’m making a huge assumption that the plane (?) wing you’re mounting to is full sized. The HC1 is a couple pounds. If you’re referring to some totally different vehicle of transport for your camera, then I don’t really know what to tell you. HDv was only just recently decided upon as one of the standard consumer High Def recording formats. There are still several debates going on as to the legitimacy of compressing HD.

      This answer doesn’t really help you, I realize, but the topic interested me so I though I’d say something anyway. If you do end up designing an airplane mount for a standard sized camera, then I’m sure there’ll be a long term market. You’ll have to overcome wind resistance and durability for the protective lense filter, but it seems like it should be possible. good luck.

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