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      I am involved in a new video website and we are about to make a camera purchase. My partners want to purchase a SONY HVR-V1U (or FX7), thinking that the internet will be abound with HD in the very near future…but this would require a full upgrade of my computer OS, processer, external drive, graphics cards, etc and we might not reap the benefits of HDV (or 24p) for possibly years since we are not broadcast TV.

      The flip side is that if an SD camera is bought (I like the Panasonic DVX-100) and HD takes off for the internet, we would be outdated. What would make the most sense right now, considering we are a start up with not a ton of money but trying to keep our eye on both the present and future.

      Thanks in advance…

      David Scherzer

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      I am not sure why you would need to upgrade your OS, hard drive, or graphics cards for HDV. But I would go ahead with HDV. It will generally look better compressed down than DV. Plus the added bonus of having the full HD option later on if you do ever distribute in HD. Remember HDV has the same file size as DV so storage is not really something that is aconcern. Processing power is, but a new dual core processor at frys cost what.. 100 bucks with a cheap mobo (not that i am advocating using such cheap components) Don’t stick with SD just to save a hundred bucks when you may decide later on to go HD and have to buy a new camera.

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      If your budget will allow it, and you are in the market for a camcorder, then I would suggest going for an HD camcorder. Even if your end product is not HD, then the footage will still look better than if completely shot in SD.

      If you have never worked with HD footage before, you need to also make sure you have an editing program capable of working with HD, as well as a computer that is powerful enough to work with it.

      As far as computer requirements, here is what Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 recommends:


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