HDV 1080i Camcorders?

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      OK, now you can shoot in HD 1080i.

      I’m assuming there’s consumer editing software that handles HD 1080i, but…

      How do you deliver your new HD movie to anyone?

      Everyone currently has a standard DVD player, but they don’t support HD 1080i.

      I’m confused! (I’m in the market for a high-end family camcorder, BTW)

      And yes, I’m a Newb.

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      I had been wondering about this for the past year. I finally found a Pioneer Blu-ray burner being sold for $699 at the B&H website (www.bhphotovideo.com). I noticed that the price for HD-DVD or Blu-ray media is almost $20 per disc. There is editing software for hi-def (Sony Vegas 7, for example), but I wonder if special hi-def authoring software is needed to burn the Blu-rays and HD-DVDs.

      Hey, this might be a good subject for a Videomaker article:
      What’s needed to create video HD-DVDs and Blu-ray discs to send to grandma (or to a client)?
      And what products are now available to do it?
      (Hint! Hint! Videomaker.). πŸ˜‰

      Ken Hull

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      Good advice.

      If you’re itching to burn HD content from the HDV footage you’ve shot there are some interesting and inexpensive solutions. 2 that are currently available is through Pinnacle Studio 10 plus or Ulead Video Studio 10 plus. I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio with great sucess. You have to download the latest patch (10.7) but once you do you will have the ability to burn HD-DVD’s onto a standard DVD disc. You can fit roughly 20 – 30 minutes on a single layer or 40-60 minutes on a dual layer. You would need one of the Toshiba HD-DVD players to view it but once you do it looks sweet. Currently it will not play on the Xbox 360 HD DVD player. Can’t talk about the Ulead solution as I have not experimented with that option.

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      I was part of one HDV project. We burned Blu-Ray discs using the Pioneer burner. Ironically, these discs would not play on a Sony Blu-Ray player. There is supposed to be an update out for the Sony players. After we could not play the disc on his floor demo, the local Sony dealer got the update but we still could not play the disc on the Sony. We found out that the Samsung player played our discs with no issues. Interestingly, we also found that the discs could be played on a Sony Play Station 3 and they looked great. BTW. We edited 2 versions of the program on 2 edit systems. Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 and Liquid 6.1. Both had their own advantages/disadvantages. Liquid seemed a little more stable and seemed to tax the computer less. When we burned a SD version of the program to DVD, the program out of the Premier Pro edit system had a funny artifact (wavy video in one scene). Liquid burned the same file/same scene with no artifacts. BTW, after looking at the video in HDV, SD video seemed really poor. Sort of like comparing VHS to MiniDV.

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      I’m looking into the apple tv…skipping the disk format entirely.

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      Pardon my interruption of HD Blue-Ray disk discussion.
      How about sharing HD video clips on a Web ?
      Web is becoming increasingly fast and soon exchanging HD files will be quite real.
      You do not believe it is possible?
      See new web site for HD video clip sharing

      A common video format on this site is 1280x720p WindowsMedia or QuickTime
      You can even upload you HD video clip there if you follow instructions.

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      One of the possible solutions here, which would still require a blu-ray player, is to burn the HD footage on DVD (SL or DL) as AVCHD.

      Sony and Panasonic created the AVCHD “codec”, so you could play these on most, if not all SOny and Panasonic Blu-Ray players. You would then not have to purchase a blu-ray burners and blu-ray discs until you are ready to.

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