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      Excuse me if i am the only one. I have recorded (Rock) concerts and whatever concerts with many camcorders, -vhs-high-8-mini-dv- all quite satisfying, for the given approach (with inboard mic of the camera).
      But this expensive HIGH DEFINITION camcorder i have now, my HDV 1080i, delivers an incredibly distorted bass-sound, really too extremely obnoxious…and at all concerts… i mean, it does not depend on some particular PA.

      Is there something about these cameras that make it so strangelly brutal, some filter or limiter badly thought off ? Are there more users who have bad experience with in-mic recording of rockconcerts ??? or is my camera just broken ?

      phoning the sony-service they will perfectly explain you it is logic that the sound is distorted… but then again, i never had it before in a more primitive industry-panorama, and even if I put the manual-rec-level down, it distorts !.
      (i know, taking the output of a mixingdesk etc is better)…. but i want to film candidly, with no stress, and it always did go well.

      please let me know if there are more people with this particular problem.
      thank you, d/catacumbia

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