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      We need be able capture real time HD video stream through computer. At shop we have tried “Firewire” connection with a lot of camcoders but we were able capture only “DV” video stream not high definition video (we are interested in get 1080p25 stream). On the computer we used default drivers and AMCAP application.

      Any ideas how to capture HDV in real time to the computer?


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      Not sure of all camcorders, but I know the Canon HV20/HV30 have an HDMI connection on it, and it allows you to capture the full 1920×1080 video stream in real time. Unfortunately, the drawback of this is that you will need a very fast computer to be able to handle the bitrate, and you will need an HDMI capture card.

      Also, you might want to list what software you are using to try to capture in real time, and maybe we can get more responses for you.

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