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      So I am looking into starting a small touring business and what I am looking for is a camera that will take great video in HD and also take great night shots as we do a lot of midnight activity with clubs, racing, and all around good ol’ fun times in Vegas. I saw this camera and read some stuff on it. I heard positive things that peaked my interest but then I read a lot of negative reviews about how there is a lack of manual controls, touch screen is no good, doesn’t do 1080p (which I know is better than i but how noticable?), and that it actually shoots in 6 megapixel mode rather than 12 like it claims.

      So here is my dilema. Is this a camera to go with or should I be looking at something else? I need something that works great in low light without night vision and has to remain in HD mode. Needs a large hard drive, 240 gigs is fine. And needs to have manual focus, mic and audio jacks for interviewing equipment I have, and the ability to be a bit more versatile than a family man’s camera. At first glance I thought the XR was just that but then people say its not? So is this good? If not, what can I check out otherwise?

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