HDR-SR7E or the Canon HG10E

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      I want to get into making short movies and documentarys, I want to buy a camcorder to begin learning movie making. I am quite reluctant in buying a professional camcorder at this point. So I want to buy a consumer camcorder for now that is within my budget, 1200$ then later on if I find myself progressing I would buy a professional one. I will be doing a lot of traveling so I will buy a PAL camcorder from BH.

      I decided I will go for Hard disk so it would be easy for me to shoot long hours without worrying about tapes.

      I am quite confused between the Sony HDR-SR7E & the Canon HG10E HD .

      I checked out the Sony at the Sony shop and it looks quite nice I am really almost convinced with it, the only thing that is making me think of the Canon is the 24p , that I have read gives a film look , I dont know if its really makes a big difference or not and would it be better than the sony. I just want to make sure that if I get to make some nice movie that I would be able to submit it to any festival or contest and it would be in a good format

      Does anyone have any experiences with any of those camcorders? As I am new to all this and I am not sure what I would really need to begin my movie making experience.

      Please advice as I am so confused and I really want to make a decision soon

      Thanks in advance

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