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      I’ve been looking at getting a new camera. Haven’t looked around much but my budget is around $1000, I’ve had a digital8 for quite some time now and looking to upgrade. My question is, are there any other cameras you guys would suggest that are around my price range, HDV, and best quality for film look? I know how many are out there, but I know there are probably only a few top dogs.

      I’ve kinda had my mind set on the HC7 because I’ve been looking at some examples online. I just thought there might be something better. Thanks for your advise.

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      The HC7 is a great camcorder. If you concerned about the film look however, the Canon HV20 might be more up your alley. It has a 24 frame per second mode that mimics the natural fps of a film camera. I think the HV20 is also in your price range.


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      This is the best camcorder in the world. I love shooting video.

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