HDR FX7 Is this a good consumer HD camera?

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I have been trying to decide on an HD camera to film skateboarding and snowboarding, I have watched some videos of the fx7 footage and it looks really good. Is there anybody out there who could give me some opinions on the camera, strenghts and weaknesses?

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I am thrilled with the Canon HF S10. The more I use it, the happier I am with it. It has features I was only dreaming of, and in a little bitty body. It is CMOS, so it does not do great in low light, but so far I am very happy with it. It also does not have XLR, but one can get aftermarket adapters, such as the juicedLink (another great product).

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For prosumer stuff, if you are shooting outdoors (i.e. lot of light) the Sony HVR-A1 should be considered. Is small, perfect for action shots like shooting from the ground or event "on board" in the skate.

In the consumer field, the Canon HV 40 / HV 30 are good choices.

I am planning to buy this one and with good light it is said to be excellent.

These are HDV tape cameras. I don't know about AVCHD.

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The HCR works just fine for outdoor shooting.I shoot with two SONY hd's. HDR-HC7 and a professional one.

I shoot extreme motocross sometimes, and the best thing about the HC7 is that it's light weight and I can follow their flips easier. I also shoot live footage of musicians, and I love the lightweight, non intrusiveness HC7. When I carry the professional camcorder, it's heavier and the musicians tend to stiffen up because they can't forget I'm there.

The only differences I find is that when I use a wireless lapel mic, it is dedicated sound thru it on the professional one whereas on the HC7, it picks up the person wearing it AND everything it would normally pick up. My voice behind the camera is the same db as the subject. So for that, I love the professional.

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I have nothing but great things to say about the FX1 and FX7. Lots of bang for the buck. Very durable, affordable and capable lil cameras.

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Now about the Sony HDR-FX7, I'd say at the least it's a prosumer camcorder. My only complaint is the sensor types being CMOS rather than CCDs. The imaging system, as well as the pro shutter speed probably makes up for some of the side affects such as shutter roll.

The Canon HF-S10 is a truly compelling and powerful camcorder for its class (900 horizontal lines of resolution). It offers a wide array of manual controls that you typically don't find in consumer models. I'd say these are two of its biggest strong points.

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This camera is really nice....I have and I am happy that it is really very good and sometimes I enjoy my photography with this camera...

I liked it very much.. I captured so many pics of nature, animals, snakes, models, diamond jewelry like diamond rings, engagement rings, old villagers etc..I will definitely show you in the next post....