HDR FX1 recurring problem

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      πŸ™ The firewire port of my Sony HDR FX 1 is inoperative, since connecting the camera to a Firestore FS-4 direct-to-edit harddrive recorder, that was connected to the mains power at the time. I do not believe that the Firestore device caused the problem, since it too is now inoperative. I have had a similar problem previously, after downloading video to my desktop computer via a 6-pin to 4-pin firewire cable. This required sending the camera to Sony for repair. I am reticent to have the camera repaired again without getting to the root cause of the problem. I have not had any problems with my desktop computer and portable hard drives that operate off the same mains circuit, but suppose a power spike is still a possibility. There were no thunderstorms at the time. Has anyone had similar problems, or can anyone offer suggestions?
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      Hi! I bought a FS-4 to store my footage on this device. But my Sony HDR FX1 camera is PAL system and FS-4 is NTSC sytem. Do you have the firmware for FS-4 in system PAL? Can you send me? Thank you!

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      If you plug in or unplug to a firewire port while your computer and or camera are switched on, you run the real risk of frying the firewire electronics. It is safer to plug everything first and then power up.

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