HDR-FX1 and a Sennheiser Mic

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      I just picked up a Beachtek and a Sennheiser me66 k6 microphone kit for my FX1. I’ve got microphone holder for the Z1U and I’ve attached it to my FX1 so I can have an onboard mic.

      The problem is this microphone picks up everything. If I zoom in and out I can hear it on playback. If I accidently touch the cord running from my microphone to the beachtek XLR input, I can hear it very good. It shouldn’t be so sensitive where I would hear noises just by touching the cord.

      Is there a sensitivity setting on my camera or on the microphone? I don’t want to use a boom pole because I don’t have an assistant to follow me.


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      First of all I know that there are no sensitivity settings on the camera. The only control you would really be able to make is to manually control your audio gain, and that wouldn’t fix the problem. I have a sony V1u with the short shotgun mic on it, which I have sometimes replaced with a higher end shotgun. The problem is with your mic holder, and not the mic itself. In order to fix the problem you need to get an aftermarket mic holder that uses crisscrossing bands for suspending the mic and therefore keeping it from any direct contact with the camera. These can get expensive for a good one, you might be looking at $200 but to get rid of camera noise it’s about the only option aside from getting the mic off the camera completely.

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      I agree with alohrey. I have both the FX1 and the V1U, but for the FX1, I use the rode videomic http://usa.rodemic.com/microphone.php?product=VideoMicand don’t have any of the issues you are having.

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      I also have a Beachtek for my FX1 and picked up a microphone holder as well.I am using a video Rode mic as an on board mic. I took it out of the integrated shock mount and mounted it to the camera. I have secured all my cords so they don’t rub the body of the camera. I haven’t had any problems with picking up camera noise or touch noise even when I hold the camer now. I did becasue I was not holding the camera firmly and it pickup that up. Heck if I scratched my jeans it sometimes would pick that up too. Good mics!!!

      I have picked up a grip wrap, that do not have adhesive, made by LimbSavers, used for bows. The are a manufacturer of vibration and noise damping items.

      I am going to add this to my handle and the mic itself to see if it will also help in reducing noise even more…just to see what it will do or not do.

      I was also thinking about using the mini-limbsaver, stick on, for the mic and the wrap for the handle.mini

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      Hi Do yourself a favour before you spend any money, the call it a bass roll off filter located on the mic power unit (k6) little red switch, just set it to the other side than what it is on now and try again, almost 100% sure it will do the job. Have the same mic and it worked for me. That is what that switch is there for.Best of luck

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