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      Please let me know which one is better HDD / DVD Camcorder? And if possible the models also.

      I want to use it for Home Videos only.

      I heard that the Hard Disk takes longer time to transfer and the Compression also take longer. Please sugest.

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      Most hard disk camcorders record files in a high-quality MPEG-2 (DVD codec) format. If youreditor supports MPEG-2 files, thats great. MPEG-2 is still in the state of a newly introduced format, and will take a while to gain support over most consumer editing software and even some pro software. No doubt about it, there are software packages and a number of free video converters that support it. You should be careful how you convert and choose the apropriate export format if you want to preserve quality.

      DVD camcorders (most use mini-DVDs)as I have already stated also use MPEG-2, but not in the form of files. In order to import, you’ll need a special function within your editing software to capture from DVD discs. DVD video discs are designed for permanent storage of video to watch. Constantly recording, deleting, or copying footagedrags down the already slow recording interface of DVDs. They are probably not faster than HDDsto transfer either.

      If you want something consumer and reasonably cheap for home video, I would go with one of Sony’s hard disk cameras. Also check out JVC’s Everio hybrid models if you want something better.

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      i would go with a canon hdd. from my expeirience, their files import to even windows mm without too much hassle. and its canon, so its a brand you know you can trust. it also has quite good image quality for the price. try the canon HG40 40gb high definition cam.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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