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      I apologize in advance if this quesiton has been asked before. I’ve been using a GL2 for a few years now and will be updrading to a new camera in the spring. With the popularity of tapeless video cameras becoming more mainstream on the consumer market, what are the editing limitations of that format. I’ve heard that you can not edit frame to frame without a tape format such as mini DV. Thanks in advance.

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      All the HDD cameras do is "take out the middleman" per sey. There’s a HD in the camera, and you can edit directly from that, but you’re still better off to transfer than edit as editing across USB 2 or Firewire can be slow. Transfer times between HDD and HDD is much faster than tape as well.

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      Question for Hank.

      With your new FX1 are you going to load the video on your computer with a fire wire and then
      edit with you Premiere 2.0 just like you do with your 2100?


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      I think he means HDD as in hard drive, not hi-def.

      But I could be wrong.

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      The question was in regards to capturing on a hard drive, not high def. I currently edit in Vegas 7 and will be needing to get a new camera this spring. Thanks for the replies.

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