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      I have been reading alot of threads that say that some people think that Flash memory and HDD camcorders will completely replace tapes.

      You know, that’s all well and good for the home movie use, but I find one big problem with this for the pros and semi pros.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the HDD and Flash cameras record to MPG format? I have always found that format very difficult, if not impossible, to edit. That would certainly cause me some problems.

      Because the HDD cameras are starting to get such large storage capacities, with they eventually change the capture format to DV, or some other editable format? I mean, one tape is about 12 GB. Some of these hard drive are 30 -60 GB.

      Please clarify this issue if anyone can.

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      I’m not an expert on Flash media or HHD camcorders, but I’ve been told that Sony’s SxS memory cards works pretty seamlessly with FCP 6.0.2

      I’ve heard Panasonics P2 cards aren’t too complicated either.

      I dunno about HHD camcorders though. They’re not my thing…..

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      Well, I understand about them working with the software, but MPG does not edit well or even sometimes at all. But that is the format which HDD’s and Flash drive use to compress and store the video files.

      I was wondering if, since the capacities for each of these is getting so large, why can they not change the capture format to the same as is used with MiniDV tape?

      1 Tape = about 12 GB of raw video

      With the HDD’s out now, you could record 2-3 hours of raw video (equivalant to MiniDV). Why don’t the change that? Are they changing it?Is there a better format being used that has the editor in mind and not the home (point-and-shoot straight to DVD) user.

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      I’m not a home user, but I love Flash, and my Aiptek shoots .ASF files on my SD card. This file works ok with most programs, except Final Cut Pro and old versions of Premiere. Another reason I prefer Sony Vegas.

      About MPEG and HDD, yes the HDDs I’ve used shot to MPEG2, at least when they shot SD. But the HD wasin AVCHD format (these were Sonys). Because of that, I don’t see MPEG2 being a problem, since people look at me strange for still using SD and so HD/AVCHD will be what most people use.

      Also, I’m pretty sloppy with video, (I’ve found audio beats video every time.The average person I show my videos tobarely notice the video, but the audio has to be PERFECT) so MPEG2 shooting doesn’t matter to me.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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