HDC – TM90 Live Record?

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      Hello everyone!

      I just bought a HDC – TM90.
      I have 1 question about this camera.
      My gold is to make video and livestream for the gaming community.
      I know how to record myself for a video but I would like to know if there is a way to record Live (Livestream) so people can see my face and the game I play at the same time.
      When I plug this cam corder to my computer with the usb cable or an HDMI cable, the computer don’t recognise it as a “recorder”. I can only transfer my video/picture from my cam corder to my computer.
      Ive looked up alot of the internet to find a way but the only way I found was to use the TV cable, and buy an adapter so I plug the yellow in the yellow slot and same thing for the white, Then on the other side of the adapter it’s an USB cable. But the quality was really crappy so, that’s not what I want.
      Thanks for any advice!

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      You may be better served for this application by purchasing a webcam.

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      Well I have already my camera so.

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