HDC-SDT750 2D concert test.

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      My first “Major” personal use of this video camera last night using 2D.

      FIRST I MUST NOTE: I was specifically given permission to bring this camera into the Xcel Energy Center – I am guessing they are starting to give up hope as everyone and their brother has a cell phone these days that records video. Though it is definitely not a cell phone, they still consider it to not be “too professional”.

      However, the main reason I am posting this video is to show off the low lightquality and steady shot performanceof this camera – not to show off the concert. For this reason I have this password protected with: pflepvideo and it is also only a short clipan incomplete piece of music.

      This is full (non-digital) zoom at 18x. The footage is still a bit shaky, especially to start, but it levels off. My hand was tired and I was constantly dodging heads in front of me. But – when this thing locks down, it is REALLY nice. For a handheld, I was blown away.



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      I couldn’t tell you how good the light was from bare eyesight, as I had not been there, but it seems to pick up an impressive amount of sensitivity and detail. Another thing is contrast – cameras don’t handle contrast well. I really wish that they would put the color curves control from Sony Vegas directly into my camcorder.

      The sound is inaudible, in terms of how you can actually understand thesinger’s voice. IAM very impressed with the stabalization, though.

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      I was able to turn down the gain quite a bit on the zooms as Roger Waters himselfwas pretty well lit – this added to the shake as I was messing with menus while recording – this was all manual. I did get a bit better with manual as the show went on, but thats what you get with a nice compact camera – manual settings that are a royal pain to change while shooting

      I was completely across the arena – and you can see the zoom ratio at about 2:26 and then at the end. I could have turned up the gain a touch for the wide shots to see the wall a bit better and I did later on.You could see the concert better through the camera – and I had people looking over my shoulder and crowding around me to see it through the camera’s eyes.

      The one thing I don’t really like about the Panasonic’s picture is that it is recorded right at 0IRE for the low end which leaves very little wiggle room when changing the curves. At least for television output. Ony my Z5U it bses out at about5 IRE or so and you can really get in and mess with the end contrast result. I did darkenthis a bit more and that clip is sitting at about -5 IRE because it looked better on my monitor. Maybe if I get time here I will throw up the untouched clip – but it may not appear to be that much different depending on your monitor.

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      Oh and I am almost positive I used the rear channels (left channel in vegas?) as the louder right channel kept getting blown out (yes I should have added some manual settings to the audio, but this was my first time manually recording with the camera and I was having a fun enough time with the picture. – this was a rock concert afterall and even my ears were getting blown out at certain points – So I don’t put too much blame on the camera – and sneaking in external audio recorders would have probably landed me a few more looks or refusal into the venue. Besides it is a live concert and getting perfect audio is next to impossible unless you could plug right into their soundboard. Even listening to it live it is tough to makeout everything in detail.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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