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      Im a 63 yr old analog guy just getting into digital. Have purchased a hd7 and am wondering if i can take dv out of this camcorder,run it through my analog to digital converter and then edit ??? My ADS converter has a dv input !

      Also wondering if i can take svhs off camcorder and convert to digital(mpeg) to edit in VS9.

      Last question,Which would give me better quality video,DV or svhs. The reason for doing this is i cannot handle hd with my cheap set up and upgrading my computer is not an option ! I am using a panasonic svhs camera now and need to know if converted DV would be any better ?

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      If you have an old computer, I would start by shooting in the HD7’s 1440 or SP mode instead of full HD. The HD7 is already digital, so you don’t need the ADS converter. You just need to move the files to your computer via the USB connector. For zero $I would recommend the Cyberlink software that comes with the HD7 to edit because most older software cannot recognize HD files. If you can spend $75, I would go for the studio version of Vegas. I have an old IBM with XP that edits just fine-it’s just a lot slower than my new machines. I only upgraded the hard drive to handle the larger file sizes.

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