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      My kids got me an early Father’s day present HD1000U. (My DW looked at my B&H catalog…)

      Anyways, this weekend they have a dance recital. It’s a small studio, so there is no Pro videographer. Also, there is no dress rehearsal, so I can not do any test shooting. Anyone care to offer any advice for camera settings?

      Scene Select, WB, Shutter, Iris, Exposure?

      Even though I only own DVD quality (Standard Definition) equipment (DVD Burner, Regular TV), I was planning on shooting in HDV 1081i format, then down-converting during post production capture. Does this sound right? In the future I can always make a true HD product.

      During conversion, should I choose Squeeze (black bars on top/bottom), or crop? I suppose it depends on how well I follow the action. I can always switch back and forth, although this might make for awkward viewing.

      I have a sturdy tripod, but should I use steady shot?

      Thanks in advance for any other helpful tips.

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