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HD writer AE 1.5 disk copy failure

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    When I try to copy a video from my PC to a disk I get a “failed to copy” error message after several hours of processing with no further explanation. I can copy from the camera (Panasonic HDC-TM15) to the PC with HD writer with no problems. I have the same problem with my PC at my office that is brand new. Should i upgrade to HD writer AE 2.1? The Panasonic website suggests that the versions are camera specific.

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    A few questions for you, are you trying to make it a DVD that is playable in a player or just a data disk? How big is the file? DVD’s can only hold about 4.7 gig of information and CD’s about 720 mb. If it is a data disk, just copy and paste it to the DVD. Unfortunatley, I have not played with HD writer.

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    First rule to work wth HD you need a good machine with 16 gig memory Pentium I3 to I7 and a good video card. Preferably use a 64 bits Windows 7.

    Second rule if the manufacturer release an update, update your version because box software are made much before the user install and use it.

    When you use the software turn off your anti-virus, also close programs non necessary to run.



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    Thanks for the replies.

    Cshultz314: they are DVDs for viewing. The manual emphasizes to never, ever use windows explorer to copy AVCHD files. I am copying very large HD files (90 min+ soccer games) but I am using double-layered disks which have enough storage capacity. (The HD writer program will actually split the recording to multiple disks if necessary).

    Signmax: My laptopis a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Intel T7200 @2 GHz, 998 MHz, 2 GBRAM so it lacksthe power you suggest.I boughtthe recommendedPanasonic DVD burner that has been working up until todaybut nowit too is giving me errors. Interestingly it’s actually quicker to copy the AVHCD format than to convert it standard MPEG. I will try turning off the virus checker and other programs running in the background to see if that helps. I have checked for updates but cant find any. There is no “check for updates” link in the program itself that I can find.

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    Brian, were the other videos as long as this one? I know that in using Premiere Pro to edit and Encore to burn the DVDs andit is best to copy the whole AVCHD filefor those programs. If I just copy the AVCHD segments Premiere Pro will drop frames but copying the whole file makes it seamless. Are you editing these or just burning to disk?

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    I tried a ‘trial run” with a shorter (23 minute) video and it actually worked (although it still took several hours). The HD writer program will save the entire file to the PC relatively quickly. It combines multiple segments without any obvious drops (it will drop segments that it doesn’t like such as accidental floor or sky shots). I am not editing them right now, just trying toburn the files to a DVD from the PC to make copies. I can burn a disk right from the camera using the DVD burner, but my camera only holds 16 GB and even with a 32GB memory cardi still need to delete them after copying to the PC to free up space.I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade to a more powerful computer.

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