HD vs. Premier Pro CS5 ?

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      Hi guys, i use a Cannon camera that shoot in HD but whn i try to edit it in CS5 its very choppy and big…the final saved video is ok but not during editeing.

      I have aPCwith 4 GB ram, i5Intelwith 64Bit W7

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      Are you using the MPE? I noticed with it I still had to render to view it clearly for editing AVCHD. I can edit withough rendering but its pretty pixelated. However, the display quality in PP has always been a bit less than the finaloutput. Do you get a difference from rendering the workarea and what graphics carddo you have?

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      MPE ? what re you referencing ? but i am using Cannon’s MOD files for editing.

      My graphics card is a Nvida 8900GT with Dual DVI outs.

      Thanks !

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      “Mercury Playback Engine” I didn’t see your card listed under the supported ones, so likely its nothing with that. I’ve nevereditedwith MOD files, so I’m not much help there I’m afraid.

      I did a quick search and found you arenot alone with the MOD files. Looks like they need to be converted for better playback and editing.


      Hope it helps point you in the right direction.

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      Thanks for the link, what files do you edit with ? what do people edit file types with usually ?

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      My main camera is now a NEX-VG10, so I’mediting AVCHD .m2t files with it. I have other cameras that are .mov or mpeg2.

      I did a little more looking into the the .MOD file extension last not and seems its a form of mpeg2 used by JVC and some Canon cameras, its more or less just a wrapper. Since its already mpeg2, some are getting away with just remaning the file from the .mod to .mpg and their edting ap is accepting it. Some are converting it with other software. If your camera came with a light editing ap, it might be able to do the conversion for you if you need to go that route.

      Here is a link to the adobe forums that covers the issue of .mod files with quite a few means of resolving the issue. Hope you find one that works for you. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/707759?tstart=0

Viewing 5 reply threads
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