HD video .. from Sony camcorder to Pinnacle 14 ?

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      Hi. My first time here, hoping to get some good advice from you guys.
      I just bought a Sony DHR FX1000, my first HD camera. Im using Pinnacle Studio 14. <br />When Importing (capturing) the raw video should I go with AVI or MPEG ? Why wouldnt one of the Capture choices be HDV ? I want my HD video to capture at full 1080 resolution. Any feedback ?

      And, when burning my finished project to a DVD, if I want to retain HD video I can use regular blank DVD-R media, right ? As long as the size of the final video is under 4.7 GB ?
      I heard I didn`t need BD media or a BlueRay burner as long as the size stayed within this limit.
      Can anyone confirm that ?
      I greatly appreciate your help, guys !


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      I’m interested in this question as well (thanks for posting). I have Pinnacle 14 and Sony Vegas. I shoot my videos in HD, but because they are (mostly) for the web, I don’t need HD. but that may soon change.

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      Mike and sunkleep, from my limited experience/knowledge, my camcorder shoots AVCHD (not HDV). I can take these files and burn to a standard DVD with Vegas Movie Studio and these HD files play on a bluray or PS3 player in High Def. They won’t play on a standard DVD player in this form, I would have to convert them before burning to DVD to play on this type of player. Perhaps someone with more knowledge or experience with HDV could shed some light on this for you.

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      I recommend you play around with both – which gives you better results? With mpeg, make sure to check the settings. Your camcorder is a beauty (I know, I have two) and shoots amazing video.

      I can’t answer on the DVD question. I can say that the videos I burn to Blu-Ray look fantastic. I had to replace my old blu-ray burner recently, I upgraded my desktop to Windows 7. My new burner cost $130.00.

      Good luck!


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      Design, I’ve been looking to add a Bluray burner to my desktop. Does the burner that you added require a sata connetction? Thanks.

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      Yes. However, you can buy external burners too: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=external+Blu-ray+burner

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      Design, thanks for the reply. I’ll be looking into the external Bluray Burners with USB 2.0 connections.

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      Sorry if someone already answered this but no, you must burn your videos on a blu-ray disk to maintain true HD quality. Or just store them on an external drive till you get a HD burner.

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      You CAN burn HD video in blu-ray format to a DVD as long as it is under 4.3gb (or whatever the DVD media size is). However you must use a blu-ray player to play it back. I do it all the time with my short home movies of my son. I have a blu-ray burner for my larger projects (wedding, TV shoots) but anything under 30 mins or so you can burn to a DVD.

      As far as the import method to Pinnacle, use MPEG. HDV IS an mpeg2 format. AVI is intended for SD material. I have Pinnacle 14 but haven’t used it in a while (use Vegas Pro now), but if it were even possible to record AVI as uncompressed your computer, you would be eating up approximately 10gb per minute of imported footage, and your computer has to be pretty hefty to even support that rate, let alone the size of storage you would need. The only way I can play back uncompressed video smoothly on my computer (which is a beast) is by playing it from my SSD, and even then it depends on the mood of my computer at the moment.

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      Thank you designcbts ..anddoublehamm ! I really appreciate your help.

      OK, so .. I have captured with the MPEG setting and the raw videois an .m2v file. Looks great !
      Now, a new challenge: Im trying to make this 20-minute video project burn onto a DVD. I know I can use SD 4.7 Gb DVDs for a 20 video. Id like to know, doublehamm, since you have Pinnacle experience, how exactly should I burn thisin order to end up withtrue 1080 HD video ? I cannot seem to get a DVD withHD video to fillmy entire widescreen TV ! There are always those black margins at top and bottom. I even tried makiing the file first, as an MPEG .. or a 1920 x 1080 wmv file .. then burn that to a DVD. Alas, nothing is working. Help, please ?

      Thanks !


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      I am pretty sure you go the make disc area of Pinnacle and choose the
      AVCHD option (probably a bit confusing as it does not say DVD). AVCHD
      is the most common Blu-Ray format. Don’t change any of your raw footage by
      “pre-rendering” it first, just make sure your project preference is
      1440×1080 60i. I am not sure why you got the black bars, but then again
      I am not sure how you pre-rendered the video first.

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      Thanks ! πŸ™‚ The “make sure your project preference is
      1440×1080 60i” advice did the trick !!


      Much obliged, doublehamm !!

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