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      I am about to do a series of “how-to-shoot-video” tutorials aimed at event videographers, small production companies and hobbyists. We will shoot it in HD.What I’m wondering is:

      1. What is the current camcorder and video file format of choice for folks who fit in that niche?
      2. What are the industry trends these days?
      3. What about non-linear editing software? Are you running into any issues as you migrate to HD?

      Feel free to contact me directly if that suits you: jeff@sengstack.com.


      Jeff Sengstack

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      Grinner Hester

      You’re making how to videos for folks and need to ask them about industry trends and gear?

      That’s freakin’ awesome. Sign me up.

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      You most certainly will need some “credentials” if you expect any degree of success in marketing “how to shoot videos” tutorials, especially when not only Videomaker, but a whole HOST of others with a bounty of experience and expertise, and professional knowledge already offer a huge selection of such productions at very affordable prices.

      Shooting in ANY definition will NOT the difference make if the content is amateurish, using inexperienced and perhaps low-knowledge comments or content. It isn’t the tools, it’s the content. And while quality tools do help, especially in this arena of production you will need to lock and load on CONTENT, QUality content, and deep knowledge and understanding of all the principles of good video before attempting to establish a successful venture – MOST ESPECIALLY if you’re targeting event, small production and hobbyists.

      Your three questions alone signify a LOW degree of knowledge in key components required for production of such a series. Maybe you should try honing your professional skills, establishing creds and experience before tackling this particular topic. Perhaps focusing on some other area in Special Interest Video (SIV) would not only allow you to grow into your chosen field, but also prove to be more lucrative as a commercial venture.

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      Just as in an RFP you will need to show your credentials to show credibility. Also if your doing the tutorial, you should be the one that tells/knows what gear is the most user friendly for the different levels FOLKS are at.

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      well let us not jump to conclusions.

      some people are much better at video than teaching, and vice versa. I think if the op has the teaching skills, they might consider teaming up with somebody that has the video skills to come up with a product.

      Might make more sense than asking people you intend to compete against, for the answers a client would hope you’d already know before offering the tutorials.

      Sengstack, those are the very first questions a person looking to pay for tutorials is gonna ask you.

      Perhaps you need to be looking for a partner that has the experience and skills (and equipment) to make your idea work for you. Don’t be discouraged, there are a lot of talented videographers out there that are trying to put out tutorials that just aren’t very good at the teaching, marketing aspects of making a sellable tutorial set.

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      It is not clear from your posting what experience you actually have. You mentioned “we will shoot” so I assume that you are not alone in the project. Making How To DVD’s has a lot of potential provided that you find the proper niche.

      You may want to check out this website:http://www.bmyers.comIt is dedicated to the business of making How To videos.

      Good luck


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      I posted on this site because the editors at Videomaker said this community was supportive. Clearly, that’s not the case. You all assume that I have no experience or knowledge. That too is not the case.

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      I have been a member of this forum for over a year now and they have been very helpful. If you would review some of the prior posts you would see that.

      You will also see this forum gets a large number of “What’s the best…” from people at every skill level.A large numberare from people who really have no clue what they are looking for. They are trying to get answers. Now, putting yourself in that frame of mind for a moment, please read your query. Not once did you share any of your experience.

      Yousigned up the same day you posted the question. You ask that same type of question without even introducing yourself and sharing your level of expertize with us. Shame on us for making assumptions. But being the author of training manuals you also know that communication is a two way street. And that giving someone only partial information leads to assumptions being made on both sides when they get answers they were not expecting.

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      Hello Jeff

      I actually took the time to look at your website – You obviously have credentials. However, you might have mentioned those in your original post. On face value, it would seem you were someone with no experience and some money, thinking they were gonna be the next worldwide expert with a better mousetrap. We see many posts like that here from newbies and wannabees who think because they buy a camera they are the next Stephen Spielberg.

      Your original posts states you were targeting: “event videographers, small production companies and hobbyists” – A very disparate group with differing needs.

      Most of our member wedding and event videographers could teach a course you are trying to create – I don’t know what your market would be – The WEVA website (that particular audience) has some excellent tutorials by some of the worlds leading wedding and event videographers so you have some stiff comptetition.

      Hobbyists (where I was until only a few years ago) 1) Don’t have much money (at least I didn’t) and 2) have many good cheap (VideoMaker for one) or free (YouTube) tutorials – Again, some very stiff competition especially considering the shallow pockets.

      Small production houses – There’s a question mark for me. Many of these could also teach that course and for those that couldn’t, all the tutorials in the world wouldn’t make a difference.

      If you are researching your next project (print or video), I would suggest taking some time and reading the message threads on this forum – There are many very good subject matter experts here co-mingled with many folks new to video and everything in between and you might do better mining instead of fishing.

      For future reference, you may want to post your creds before asking what can be considered a misleading question.

      Just MHO


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      “I am about to do a series of “how-to-shoot-video” tutorials aimed at event videographers, small production companies and hobbyists. We will shoot it in HD. What I’m wondering is:”

      1. What is the current camcorder and video file format of choice for folks who fit in that niche? Should refer to “THOSE niches” – as event, small production and hobbyists are not a single solution group.
      2. What are the industry trends these days? They are LEGION! Too broad of a question.
      3.What about non-linear editing software? Are you running into any issues as you migrate to HD? The term “non-linear” is no longer necessary for all but the most ancient of production companies that still might be involved with tape-based “rock and roll” (wind, fast forward, rewind to get to a particular portion of audio/video information – after digitizing). The “migration” is in full-swing and likely no longer perceived as “around the corner” but more of a HERE, and NOW thing.

      1.) The answer would be “all over the board” of what is available. In most instances, and with most popular editing programs, it really is a matter of “choice” as opposed to something that might specifically FIT.
      Personally: in most approaches I would go with an SDHC camcorder from one of the major manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, JVC or Panasonic. Canon is supposedly coming out with something that is comparable to models already offered by the others in the $3k to $5k arena. Choices and reasons for purchasing one over the other are also “all over the board” with CMOS, CCD, lens quality, XLR audio, etc. as well as HD, HDV, AVCHD and other factors often being “deal-breakers” on a highly SUBJECTIVE level as opposed to any really critical technological differences or advantages/disadvantages.

      2.) Reading and research will instantly generate a host of opinions, again often subjective, predictions and colorful analyses regarding “trends” in this industry – shifts and career-changing advancements and digressions in technology divert “trends” on a daily, if not hourly, schedule, making yesterday’s trend tomorrow’s mistaken assumption. The question is, unintentionally or otherwise, ambiguous and there is NO single, or even multiple, applicable perfect response. All in this arena will have to have the qualifier “IMHO” attached.

      3.) The “issues” regarding various formats and their ease of use, or not, with available, popular or not, software and programs are abundantly identified on virtually ANY thread of ANY video or editing or computer or software related forum. Again, an abundance of information is available for the researcher seeking information regarding these “issues” simply by entering a suitable phrase to Google search.

      Sorry for the possibly FALSE assumptions made by myself and others in responding to your initial noobe post, but the responses are valid within the perimeters of your open-ended and ambiguous WAY GENERAL opening paragraph and questions. Being a former career journalist I quickly learned that specific and pointed questions brought me better answers/responses than say, asking a pro sports personality “How do you feel today?” and expecting him to delve into the positive/negative aspects of contract negotiations, or what team/player is the best, etc.

      Specific and pointed questions, offering variables and your own investigatory insights for comparison would have possibly resulted in a more positive response to your initial introduction to Videomaker Forums.

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      Listen up fellow posters, this gentleman asked 3 simple questions and not only did his questions go unanswered but he was mocked. This is the Videomaker forum, where people come to get their questions ANSWERED especially if they don’t have the experience. However, this person does and not only that, he did not deserve to be left without any answers or even dare to be mocked. Now lastly, no one needs to show anything before posting any questions here…. if it relates to video they have every right to post ANY question. There is no requirement to post their credentials, that is not a rule of this forum nor is it any reason to poke fun at someone who has a need for an answer.

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      Tom, please read my e-mail to you regarding this. Sincerely, Earl Chessher

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      Grinner Hester

    • What is the current camcorder and video file format of choice for folks who fit in that niche?
    • There is no niche in event coverage. It varies, the people who cover events vary, the end products vary and therefor, the gear varies.

    • What are the industry trends these days?
    • Same as ever. People pay as little as they can for the most they can get. One man bands are on the rise as a result but that’s due to better and cheaper gear, not demand.

    • What about non-linear editing software? Are you running into any issues as you migrate to HD?
    • No. It’s very easy to buy according to needs as long as ya don’t buy into Avid’s “creative marketing.”

      I recomend just shooting an event videographer in the filed and as a sit down interview as your how-to video. Not knowing these things makes it obvious you’d be a better candidate as a buyer of such a video than an instructor in one. I’m not trying to be mean in saying that. I don’t make how to sew videos because I don’t know much about it.

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