HD Video burn to a normal DVD!!!!!

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      HD is not that popular here in Africa but there are so many camera on HDV. and especially there are noHDV players so we still give our customer their products on DVD’s.

      Now this my question. it there anyway that one can record his video on HDV setting or just HDV cam. download and edit it then burn it to a Normal DVD?

      please help this has always puzzles.

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      yes, HD can be burnt to a normal DVD. Use MP4

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      Will the quality still be be good? at what resolution?

      thank you

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      It’s burnt at HDV resolution and played back on a Blu-ray player with AVCHD support.

      I remember doing this years ago…but there wasn’t much support for AVCHD back then.

      You can’t simply burn mp4 to a DVD disc and expect it to play…it won’t. It has to be burnt to spec to display properly.

      I think you’d better read up by searching “AVCHD on DVD” on Google or somesuch. There’s also a new free program just out called multiAVCHD which makes different style of menus for you. Although rather complex for this crowd, you can, never-the-less, get some good results with patience.

      Just hope the gamers with their Playstations don’t show up to cloud the issue…but I think that would be asking too much.

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