HD quality goes down?!?!

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      Basically ive got a panasonic hdc sd100 and when i put my hd footage on to my PC using the software it came with, panasonic hd writer, the quality is brilliant. But i can’t edit this footage with adobe premiere pro cs3 or pinnacle studio 11 because i need to save it as an mpeg2 file first. But when i save it as a mepg2 file the quality is rubbish compared to what it looked like on the hd writer software. Plus it only gives me the option on the software to save it asa mpeg2 file.

      Im getting really annoyed because the picture quality is fantastic when it is on the camcorder and the hd writer but when i edit it after ive saved it as a mpeg2 file(which is the only option on the hd writer), the quality is quite frankly crap.

      Just wondering how i can get the footage off of my hd camera and edit it in the best possible quality, i want it to look like the footage on the camera, is this possible?!Do you have tosave the footage in a different file format and how do you do this.Im just getting in tofilming and am a bit thick on things like this as you can probably tell. please speek terms i can understand, cheers

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      you can purchase an AVCHD converter for $35.00 check out VoltaicHD, it will probably help you out greatly.

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      You are going from HD to SD. The encoding process is trashing your video. If you are publishing to DVD, switch your camera to wide screen SD. This way the camera does the downsizing. The encoder doesn’t have to compress as hard so your results will look better. I know it sound odd but unless you are publishing to blue ray, it makes no sense to shoot HD. You’re still getting the value of the HD. I had to do a test myself before I would believe it. I took some video in HD then burned it to DVD. Then I took some the same footage in SD footage and burned it to DVD. The SD footage looks better. Until we get better encoders this is what we are up against. Gerry in Calgary.

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      I record in HD all the time and render out to SD most of the time – My NLE (Sony Vegas) does a superb job of downconverting to SD and what I view on my DVD player looks great.

      I do convert the MTS files to M2T using VASST/New Blue FX’s AVCHD Upshift first so maybe that is an option for you.

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      I use a Sony FX1000 so my footage (on tape) is *.m2t. My NLE is Sony Vegas Pro 9c. I have the same loss of quality when I am rendering to PAL (I live in the Netherlands) SD widescreen. Taking video footage in SD is no option for me. I didn’t by a new HD camera to shoot in SD. But when you want to share your video with your friends, you will mostly have to burn it on a DVD. What I do is render the project to a *.wmv format. Then it is still HD. I import the *.wmv file in DVD Architect (comes with VEGAS) and burn it on a DVD. Before the burning of the DVD starts, DVD Architect will render the file again to PAL SD Widescreen format. The quality of that DVD is as it should be, but it takes a long time rendering. So if anyone knows a shorter method?

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      I use the SD100 too and edit with Sony Vegas, the MTS files from the camera go right onto the timeline and are editable and exportable into any format I require.

      You can also simply rename the extension on the files from MTS to MPG and they should open in any editing program with no loss to the video quality.

      There’s a suggestion above to switch the camera to SD mode, but unfortunately the 100 only does HD formats.

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      which AVCHD converterdo you recomend, is VoltaicHD any good?

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      I shoot all my video in HD and edit it in the raw format that the SONY camcorder produces (.m2t) using Corel Video Studio 12 and then I convert the finished product to upload to YouTube and there is no quality loss at all. I upload in 720 to YouTube and have great results so far.

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