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      Hi, this is my first post. I’m planning a music instructional video to eventually put on the market. I plan to shoot all the video my self & have someone else edit it. I have aLIST of questions but will just start with the first one. I have a Panasonicmini-DV camera from 10 years ago but was thinking about a ( consumer ) HDD/3CCD standard def camera. I get the impression that an HD camera involves specific production equipment in the studio….HD discs? HD burners ? I’m not clear yet if the person that will be working with me is equiped for HD but felt that standard def. will be fine for my product. I don’t have any HD gear in my home either. Which HDD camera would you recommend…..under $800.00 ? Thanx. Hmmm,BTW…can an HD camera shoot in standard def. if that’s what I need ? It seems that most HDD/3CCD current cameras are HD now…unless I find an older model ?

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      The only HD camera that I know of that also shoots SD is the Panasonic HVX200. It’s a camera for advanced level people though. I wouldn’t get an HDD camera though. What if the hard drive inside gets all screwy before you pulled the footage off. If you are going to work is SD, I’d just get something that records to tape. Some decent cameras are the Canon GL2, Sony VX2100 and Panasonic DVX100, DVX100a and DVX100b. Now that HD is getting bigger, you should be able to find those cameras a lower prices. You could also look for used ones. bhphotovideo.com has used equipment and they are trustworthy.

      Keep in mind though, if you shoot HD and down-convert to SD after cutting your piece together, it will look like really good SD. So those are some things to think about. what are your other questions?

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