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      Weam in the market forour first digital camcorder. We will using for the standard family stuff, filming swing dances (personal use) and also making clips from yoga classes that my wife will post on her business web site. Our editing needs will be pretty minimal at first, cuttiing clips for demonstrations etc

      We had thought of going to an entry level or prosumer HD Camera under the premise that eventually HD will be more mainstream and will be easier to share, broadcast etc. I was thinking that we could shoot in HD, save the files to disk in the native format for archive and convert them to SD etc for editing and use in the mean time. However reading reviews of various cameras and some articles on Hd it seems that I may be being nave. Is what I am proposing possible without a lot of frustration?

      Additionally it seems that even in the non-Hd arena the transfer software that comes with many cameras does not work well and that I may not be able to just transfer the files off using windows file transfer as I can with my digital camera.



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      Go HD.

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      “Is what I am proposing possible without a lot of frustration?”

      When it comes to the basics, HD is really no more frustrating than dealing with SD…

      you’ll get a few grey hairs regardless. ; )

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      Yes, buy HD. Even if all you do is produce SD, your video products will be better and you will be future-proofed in the process.

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      Go HD.

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      HD will position you to move forward into the future as well as give you better results today.

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      Thanks everyone, It looks like HD is only choice.

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