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      One of the things making many of novice to intermediate shooters and editors on the forum’s heads spin is the “HD” format itself. “What HD Camera should I buy?” “What HD editing software should I buy?” On and on with good reason. ‘HD’ comes in a number of ‘flavors’ (i.e. resolutions, codecs, etc.) and it can be enough to make your freakin’ head spin.

      However, unless you’re working on really high-end projects for theatrical or broadcast TV distribution you can safely pass on HD formats like, HDCAM, XDCAM, DVCPRO HD, REDONE and a number of others. Most of you will be working with DV, HDV and AVCHD formats which are common among consumer, prosumer and low to mid-level pro cameras. So unless you’re prepared to fork over at least $10k for just a camera body, the pro formats don’t concern you. Relax.

      I’ve said it a number of times in other posts (and I’ll say it again) that the bottom line of what gear and software you get totally depends on your planned output. So if you’re looking to get into HD but can’t make heads or tails between DV, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 30p, 60i or p and so on, read the following article by Zack Stern, “8 HDTV Myths Demystified”. The article pertains to purchasing an HDTV, but remember whether it’s a computer monitor or a TV that’s going to be your primary output point. So knowing how your footage is going to be viewed on your primary output point will be a big help for deciding what kind of gear and software you should be looking to get.


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