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      Hello, all. I’d like some comments and opinions on a little problem. I’m doing a talk show that will show on internet. The producer wants the video to be in HD format. Problem…he is not using hd video cameras, so he is converting it on the computer. It obviously does not look so good, the vid looks stretched and not proportionate. We have a production meeting, and I’d like some opinions from others in the video world as to the whether what he is doing is a smart idea. I say, use 4:3 until you have HD cam, but he thinks its fine. Opinions please.

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      I would
      have to agree with you. The video would not look any better it would just make
      it look worse. The point of having an HD is to make it look better. An SD
      camera being stretched to an HD size will bring out thefaultsof the
      footage and also take up space on your server. It will look better to keep it
      at a SD resolution then HD. It will also be better to have SD for your viewers.
      An HD signal takes two or three times longer to download then SD. Your might lose
      viewers if they get sick of waiting.



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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      HD is not HD if you don’t have an HD camcorder period. Stretching pixels from a SD resolution (720×480) to HD (lets say to 1920×1080) will make the footage look horrible. Follow Jim advise “It will look better to keep it
      at a SD resolution then HD”.

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      If you are doing the talking head type of shot, you could rotate the SD camera 90 degrees and film just the person in front of a green screen – Now you have footage that is 720 X 480, which can then be used in a 720 HD project using a garbage matte.

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      There are some REALLY affordable options for HD cameras out there if you have the budget and especially if this is going to be a reocurring project. Even a little flip cam might be an option.

      Here’s a link to a clip we shot as an experiment with a little cheap camera that is no bigger than your hand and cost a couple hundred dollars:


      If new equipment isn’t the answer, stick to SD and don’t try and change the footage, it will look much better to your viewers.

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      There’s also Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Instant HD: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/magic-bullet-instant-hd/

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