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      I am shooting a feature horror film with a Canon XH-A1 @ 24fps (all manual setting obviously). I am concerned with giving my movie that film look, and to be certain I wanted to know everyone’s opinion on all the details of the film. I will be using a 12ft kessler crane, 50ft. track run from kesslercranes.com, and a 20 ft. green screen.

      We start shooting on Tuesday, so I might just be getting the pre-shoot nerves, but if there are lighting suggestions that would help my film look more eery please let me know. One of my major concerns is our Campfire scene, real fire is almost impossible to control (especially with my budget). I am looking for consistant footcandle and f-stop readings, and at the same time I want the flickering light that fire gives off in real life. How do I recreate that? I plan on using tight shots on the actors around the fire intertweened with far shots off the flex track around the campfire scene (circular track run for this set-up, obviously). I already ordered a roll of CTB to give the key light a moon light look, and even highered a make-up artist. For right now we are using all MAC make-up, but are ordering the lacerations, wax, etc. soon. Additionally, anyone know where the best Hollywood special effects make-up is?

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      fake fire…propane and ceramic logs (check out a heating/fireplace specialist) you may need a licenced fitter or pyrotecnition….

      check out places where your local theatres/ballet/tv news places get thiers. then there’s costume rental/supply stores…

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      The best on the cheap fire I’ve seen should work for your needs. They use a strong fan to blow red/orange cloth flames straight up with a light beneath. The best of these have a rotating filter above the light to provide a more realistic flicker to the “flames.” And they also come in a variety of sizes.

      In terms of make-up & special effects, I’d strongly recommend you use the tips & tricks on a site dedicated to the small independent producer. It is a free on-line magazine called “MicroFilmmaker Magazine” at http://www.MicroFilmmaker.com and they are nothing but they kind of stuff micro-filmmakers need. They have awesome DIY projects and techniques for production that give professional results at hobbiest prices. And horror is a very popular micro-filmmaker subject, so they have lots of info on blood, gore & violence.

      Good luck on your shoot. And you may want to check out the article on creating campfires in post.

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