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      I’ve purchased a samsung hmx-h105 and I’m trying to edit in numerous programs with no luck. I just get stuttering video and rendering takes forever.
      I’m using Premiere CS4, Pinnacle Studio 12, Windows Movie Maker (which won’t even acknowlege the files.
      I have an HP HDX-18t, dual core 2.8 processor w/ 6gig RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M video card running on Windows Vista 64-bit.
      I thought this computer would be plenty powerful enough to work in HD, but I’m becoming very frustrated. I’ve tried it in 1080i and 720p (both in H.264 video format)with no luck.
      Is this format any different than other HD cameras or do I just need to give up the HD dream.
      Any advise would be appreciated.

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      what format is the video you are editing? H.264 isn’t an editing codec.

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      Every cam has it’s pitfalls it seems. It’s probably in a .mp4 container…Try some free demo software like Sony Vegas & Corel VideoStudio and see how far you get…Pinnacle is one of the worst…If all else fails, try converting it to a workable format your editor can handle with a free converter.

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      Im new to all this, but just figured it out somewhat after 2 days of editing, you have to use the software that the camera came with to get the clips onto your pc, then convert them to an editable format, mpeg2 or wmv. I used mpeg2 and it makes the stuttering or buffering effect go away. This is on adobe premier 7. Your pc is plenty fast enough, I have a single core processor and it takes a bit longer, but works, good luck

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      If you need only simple cutting and joining, AVCHD can be edited. But if you want to edit AVCHD like avi, applying all effects and transactions on it, then you’d better give up or try to get a super compter instead. Hope someday we got a new video format, good compression while editable.

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      If you want to edit AVCHD like AVI, you could convert it to a less compressed format first.

      I use Upshift from VASST/New Blue FX which converts MTS files to lightly compressed M2T which allows me to edit just like AVI. There are other solutions as well.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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