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      hey everone!.

      i use adobe premiere pro2.0 and everything was ok!!! but i’ve just bought a HVX200 and i heard that i can not edit in APP if i get HD format ?so what am i gonna do????

      please say something cause i dont wanna starting to learn final cut or avid.

      help me!!!

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      Here is a article from Adobe, HDV support in version 2.0 and later is a yes http://www.adobe.com/ap/aboutadobe/pressroom/pr/jan2006/Premiere_Pro_2_.pdf

      You will not have any problems with the HVX200 in Premiere Pro, or Elements for that matter.

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      Yes.. either you can upgrade to Premiere Pro CS3 or you can get Raylight. Raylight is a plug-in that supports Panasonic MXF files in Premiere Pro 2. Check out http://www.dvfilm.com/raylight for more info. It’s $195, but if Premiere is your main editor, you might as well spend the $299 to get native support. However, Raylight is another option. It also has a nifty “flip/Flop” capability to keep your footage from appearing upside-down/in the right direction if you shot with a 35mm adapter such as the Redrock M2, etc.

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      I’m using the CINEFORM ASPECT HD codec for Premiere Pro 2.0 and it has support for the HVX200 too.

      It’s $500, but worth EVERY PENNY for real time editing in HDV.

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      thanx everybody!!!

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