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      I need help with the whole process of filming, editing and authoring with HD. Until now I have worked only of SD projects and now my clients are asking for HD dvds. Basically what I need to know is what equipment would I need from start to finish. I do all the work alone and so I need to film with HD, edit with HD footage aned then output an hd dvd. Would I need a new monitor, can my pc work with hd and what editing suites are available and then what software can I use for authoring. Seems like a big investment for a freelancer like me but it is a move that I need to take. Any information would be useful. Hope this question has not been answered before.

      Thanks in advance

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      You don’t need a new monitor but it would be ideal to have an HD external monitor.

      Your PC should be able to handle HD. Simply cutting HD video isn’t that demanding. I’m sure 2GB of RAM would be fine.

      There are a lot of editing suites that are capable of handling HD now. I use Final Cut Studio. Comes with an Authoring Program too, but you use a PC, so you can use FCS. Look into Adobe Premier.

      For output you want a blu-ray burner. Blu-ray won the HD DVD vs Blu-Ray conflict. The standard will be Blu-Ray.

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      here’s what I did:

      I bought a prosumer camcorder (hdr hc1) that has a pro sister (hdr a1u) availble for rent. I practice on mine and use it as a 2nd on pro jobs. I rent the pro cam when needed.

      I bought a new mac that had the power and software to edit hd. (macbook + 2 gigs ram +external firewire raid). and final cut express.

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