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      Hey everyone, I just bought a Sony HDR-HC1 Hi Def camcorder with my tax returns and I guess I should have researched a bit more… but what software would you recommend for capturing / editing HD stuff?

      I have Roxio 8, but it’s not that impressive at all… so I’m really looking for something different. Thanks guys!


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      Mmmm. This is one of those tricky questions.

      Because I dont know if you have a Mac or a PC, Ill assume you have a PC therefore Final Cut Pro wont work for you. Too bad because I hear its very good.

      That leaves Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio 10 and Avid Xpress Pro. All of these are impressive, handle HDV and should give you a tad more than Roxio 8.

      You can/should be able to get a free trial version of each, so try them out and pick what works for you.

      I hope that helps you a little.

      Now the real trick questions is… HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? Ha.

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      hidef1080 Wrote:

      Now the real trick questions is… HD-DVD or Blu-Ray? Ha.

      Blue-ray? I don’t believe I’ve heard of that… I’m still very new to DV terminology.

      I do, in fact have a PC though… although very high powered, still ended up producing a little choppy video… I have a P4 3.0 ghz with a gig of ram and a 256mb graphics card…. which I’m not sure would help with this.

      Anyway… I have a trial version of Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 and it seems like it would awesome to use, but when I go to capture video, it recognizes that their is a camera there, but when I go to tell it what it is, I select the “sony” brand, and then a drop down list for different models is next. Well… the problem is, it only lists down through the ‘g’s. My model number is HDR-HC1… so for some reason, I can’t select which camcorder I have.

      Does that seem odd to anyone else?? haha

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      As it stands right now there will be two high def DVD standards. One is HD-DVD and the other is Blu-Ray.
      People prayed that the powers that be would choose one standard for HD DVDs [not to be confused with HD-DVD] but they did not. So now we are headed for the good old Beta vs VHS days [for those old enough to remember that].

      We jumped on the HDV train fast but outside of hooking our cameras up to an HDTV, we have to wait for affordable HD DVD players and burners. Then we have to pick the one “standard” that we hope will be the last one standing.

      I could be wrong but I doubt the market will support both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
      Pick the right one and you win.
      Pick the wrong one and you’ve lost many dollars and a lot of time.

      Are we having fun yet?

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      I dont know this from experience, but ive heard a lot of guys using adobe premiere pro 2.0 with Aspect HD and they all seem to be pretty happy with its performance.

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      I own a sony fx-1 and I use Vegas 6. The ease of use between the two is great. It’s always easier to sinc up when you’re using the same manufactuer. Not the only reason I use Vegas though. I have been using that way before I had a sony camera. You should check it out.

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      [quote="compusolver"]Kornmart –

      The poster who included Studio 10 in the "impressive" list, might want to rethink that one.

      All the rest are good choices. If using Premiere Pro 2.0, select the "Standard" option in the model list. That works for the FX1 and presumably will work for Sony’s other hi-def models.

      Also, for questions regarding Premiere Pro, always check the Adobe forums at:


      S10…impressive….LOL I have it so I know better. Seriously don’t buy it. if you do i also have some "impressive" swamp land for sale

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