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      Hey guys, hoping you could help me out. Just joined the site and have to say it’s just what I needed to find. Just started a video slide show company and I am pleased to say that we are doing much better than expected. That said, we are looking to upgrade our equipment so that we can offer a better product. We are going to be purchasing 2 HD camcorders and I was hoping some of you could give your opinion on what you thought was the best one out on the market based on the price to feature ratio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The one we are looking at now is the Sony HDR-FX1. We are also currently using vegas 6 as an NLE.

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      The FX1 is a really good choice for the money. It has lots of manual features like shutterspeed, gain, iris, focus, zoom, white balance, and audio levels. It doesn’t have XLR connectors so you would have to get an adapter if you needed that. The picture quality is amazing on it. I also have vegas 6 and it has a preset to render your HDV footage out to an intermediate for better work flow but it takes a while rendering it all out before editing. I dont no much about Cineform and Connect HD but I’ve heard they are better ways to convert to and intermediate format. Hope that helps.


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      ok, as someone who hasn’t used any of these, my opinion may not be that credible but the Panasonic HVX200 would be my choice (and may very well be soon) for one major reason. It can record 1080/30p (or 24p). Here is some info to read up on:


      The price may come in a bit higher but the features and modes FAR outweigh the price difference (which isn’t all that much).

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      I use/own a FX1 and I love this camera. The images in HD are outstanding so no problem there. SD is not bad either. It has all of the manual setting you’ll need for any situation and the full auto mode has not let me down when I’ve used it in the past. The more I use it the more I realize this is one of the best cameras [HDV] out there. I think you will want to add a mic for audio because the onboard mic is average at best.

      The 720p vs 1080i is overkill.
      Once you see HDV footage on an HDTV you’ll know.

      If you can, rent one first and use the hell out of it for a day or two.
      You’ll know.

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      Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. The other camera I was looking at happens to be the Panasonic HVX200. My only concern was its ease of use with Vegas compared to the Sony FX1. Of course looking at Sony’s site they push the idea of ease of use between the two. Would it really be that much different with the panasonic? I appologize if I come off a little ignorant but most of my experience has been with still photography. I am, however, really excited about working with video and want to get the most out of the equipment. The subpar mic on the sony is not really a deterent for me since the majority of my business will not call for audio from the camera. I have heard however that there are some draw backs with the tapes the sony uses compared to the solid state media.

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      The P2 cards and DV Cam formats are definitely a better format for HD. But, the cards are pretty expensive right now (they will get cheaper though, and there are talks of connecting an external hd to the p2 slots!).

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      I’m not sure how much shooting you’re planning on doing but as I understand it, you can get something like 16 minutes of HD on a 8 gigabyte card – the largest they have. I may be wrong on this but the card is around $600.00.

      I have never had any problems with the tape format but again the best thing I can tell you is to rent the cameras you think you want to work with and go with what works for you because my work flow and needs may not fit your goals.

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      I bought this book "How to shoot, Edit and Distribute HDV" It has in depth revies of all the HD Cameras out there.

      I got it here:


      Ultimately I went with the FX1

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      Check this place out…hope it helps!


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