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      Im new to this great website, but wanted to throw out some questions to the pros.

      I have a new Canon VIXIA HV 30 camcorder. I want to make HD video of a fly fishing trip to Alaska using this camera. I will end up downloading the video to my Mac and use Final Cut Express HD and make a DH DVD (probably with a BluRay DVD burner or another HD disc medium.

      The camera can record in 24P and 30P (60i too). Given that I will be shooting outdoors in a fast moving water environment and fast motion with fly rod movement what setting (24P or 30P) will work to make the best quality video in Final Cut Express HD??

      Note: I wont be downloading any video to YouTube, etc.

      Any recommendations on camera settings or ideas on recording, Final Cut Express settings or burning to HD media to a beginner will be greatly appreciated.

      My new Canon XH A1 camera will probably not arrive by departure date, but Im hoping.

      Email: carefree-cowboy@msn.com

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    if you’re going to be doing slow motion, then shoot 30p with a fast shutter speed. A shutter of 1/120th or so will be fine.

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    How ’bout posting the question once? usually when I see the same posting come up 2 or more times in different threads….I assume it’s a spambot, and ignore the thread.

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    Rob, Thanks for your help.

    Don, Whon’t do that again.

  • Viewing 3 reply threads
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