HD Camera for Under 1000 $?

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      I recently have become interested in short films and also creating them, but I’m having trouble finding a good HD camera for under 1000 $.What bothers me is that a lot of those under 1000 $ don’t support external microphones. Also a lot of cameras record to tape, and to my knowledge it’s quite a lot more work to use tape.

      So, is there even any sub 1k $ cameras that have:

      Support for external microphone.


      Not tape.(not even sure if HD can be recorded to tape)

      Support for headphones.

      What the camera has many controls isn’t a problem(manual exposure, etc.). In fact, I see it as a positive thing to be able to do more than just vloging(joke intended).

      I’m pretty sure I’m asking for the impossible, but it’s worth a shot anyways.

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      Check out the Canon Vixia series – should be something there that will work for you.

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      Thanks, I have looked into them and I have no idea how i didn’t see them before. But many thanks anyway!

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      There are quite a few HD cameras under a grand. Now the question is; how good of a camera do you want? You mentioned you want manual controls, well the rule is the more control you have over the camera, the more it costs.

      Also, not only is it possible to record HD video to tape, it started out that way. There are still good prosumer and pro cameras out there new and used that can record to tape (which is still cheaper than using solid state cards.) Check out the consumer grade camcorders at BH Photovideo to see the Vixia line of cameras and many more!

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      I have a Sony HDR-SR11 which I love – 1080i, mic jack, headphone jack, multifunction wheel (which I use for manual focus), 1/3″ ClearVid Exmor CMOS, Optical Image Stabilization, remote Start/Stop/Zoom (not LANC but similar functionality), lots of other goodies.

      When I bought it (about two years ago) it was around $1k.

      It has since been replaced by others (the HDR-XR line) but as always, they always take away from the features you want (mostly imager size) or increase the price – Even though it’s hard drive is four times the size (240GB as opposed to the SR11’s 60GB), the closest new version is the HDR-XR550 which is around $1400 – More than you are looking to spend but worth a look.

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