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      I am currently looking at a new project. Creating 15-20 mins HD videos that are to be posted onto a website in different file sizes.

      Firstly, what would be the best equipment for achieving this ?

      I have a budget of around 1800 or $ 3200 per camera.

      I assume final cut pro would be a good package to edit these videos ?

      What would be the best file types to distribute these over the internet. I would like to be able to stream the HD video (is this even possible) but also have 2/3 other file sizes available to give the viewer the best possible quality download.

      Sorry if any of this is pretty vague, but as i’m sure you can tell i’m pretty new to all this.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      You can use any HDV camera to make video.
      I use Canon HV20 for example. It costs under $1000.
      It works quite good for a "consumer" level HD camera.
      I managed to make some good video with it using tripod if
      sunlight is good enough.
      I transfer video to PC deinterlace and resize to format 1280x720p
      than usually encode video using Windows Media Pro encoder or QuickTime Pro.
      How about sharing HD video clips on a Web ?
      Web is becoming increasingly fast and soon exchanging HD video files will be real.
      You do not believe it is possible?
      See new web site for HD video clip sharing

      A common video format on this site is 1280x720p WindowsMedia or QuickTime
      At a bit rate about 3 MBits video looks quite decently.
      You can even upload you HD video clip there if you follow instructions.

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