HD Blu-ray cam

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Does anyone here have experience with Blu Ray camcorders - specifcally the Hitachi models? Some of the reviews I read for the DZ-BD9HA haven't been great but supposedly they've made a lot of improvements with the DZ-BD10HA? I found a coupon code for 20% off ("SAVEBIG" at www.hitachibd.com) but not sure - I don't really know enough about Blu-Ray in general to know if the technology is worth the price. Any advice? Thanks!

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Well the quality s going to be good but its going to be the same like as miniDVD camcorders, which are not great for editing. Another drawback is going to be the cost of those Blu Ray discs that you are going to have to buy...

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I do not know much about camcorders that record to blu-ray disks, but if I were in your shoes and thinking about purchasing an HD camcorder, I would buy one that records to a card.

Camcorders that record to some kind of memory card usually(if not always) have no moving parts on the inside. This greatly reduces the chance for failure and helps keep the camera cool, believe it or not. I would imagine capturing the video to your computer would be easier too.

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To continue with what RockStar said.

You may get a good deal on a BR camcorder, but the disks BR-R's are upwards of $20 to 25 (possibly $30) a piece depending on where you buy them.

So that also needs to be taken into consideration in the purchase price.