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      Am I the only one? This is my 4th account here. For some reason I’m having trouble with getting back in. My other three usernames is ThomW, Thom W, and Thom Worthington. This time I don’t plan on using this account for ever because I’m hoping that some one at the top of the food chain will be able to help me with this after you all haveread about it. I’ve tried emailing support but haven’t heard anything as of yet. At first, when I try tologinit tells me that my username and password don’t match. So, after many attempts I’ve requested an email of a new password. It was sent and I was able to get in. I went to my profile and changed my temp password to one that I can actually remember and my email address to the most current addy. But the next day when I tried to login …well it didn’t like me. I even tried the temp password thinking that maybe my changes didn’t get saved. Nope. I tried to request another password but it neither showed up in my new address nor in my old one. For whatever reason my usernames are in some sort of blackhole. Who knows this maybe the last post under this username.

      Yours Truly,

      TryingThisAgain… or Thom W.

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