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      So I have a VX-2000 and I’m suspecting that the heads on it are damaged.

      I got the normal dirty head symtoms so I went and bought a head cleaner cassette tape (it’s a JVC but it says that it will work with all brands…thats all I could get at the time). So I used it for about 10 seconds, it was working great and all of the sudden when I put another tape in it started to get really really bad, the picture was very pixalated and there is no audio. I tried cleaning it again for another 10 seconds and it made almost no difference. The camera is what like 6 years old so I think that it could just be wearing out, but it was working perfectly just a couple days ago.

      If anyone knows anything then that would be great. Thanks for the help.


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      hmm…did you use the right head cleaner? I’m pretty sure there is wet and dry head cleaner. The manual should specify which to use.

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      i would bet that the camera, if you want to continue using it, needs to be serviced at an authorized center.


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      I agree with Johnboy I think it is time to have looked at and fixed. It probably needs a tune up

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