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      Hey all,

      I just finished editing my brothers wedding using Ulead Mediastudio pro 6. Everything is AOK and looks cryable good. The problem is I can’t get it from the computer to my camcorder. When I try to export it to MS DV Recorder I get a message saying “DV Recorder only supports AVI using a DV video codec. This file is not a DV AVI file and cannot be recorded to your camcorder.” I created the whole video in AVI format, so how do you make it a DV AVI file? Somebody give me a little help here… please.

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      Well, I would love to do burn it to dvd, but I am building on my computer and haven’t yet baught a dvd burner yet. I attend to soon. Any suggestions on a good DVD burner? Thanks for the links.

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      In your Video Save dialogue box,
      On the General tab, make sure that your frame rate is either 30 or 29.97,and that the frame size (Standard) is 720 X 480.
      Then, on the “Compression” tab, choose the Microsoft codec.(I think)
      This may or may not be the problem.
      It’s been over a year since I’ve worked with MSP 6
      Hope it helps.

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