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      Hello All,

      I don’t consider myself a complete idiot, but I have tried over the last 3 days to export a simple MPEG from PPRO 7.0 with no luck. Sure, I can export MPEGS and they look good, but I am trying to export one that is under 100mb so I can upload it to YouTube. If I mess with the export setting I get all sorts of bizarre glitches in the video. I have had wavy lines, I have had choppy video that will make you motion sick, I have even had a clown jump onto my screen and light my video project on fire while squirting me in the face with soda-water. Well, okay maybe that last one didn’t happen, but I am ready to jam a number 2 pencil into my temple and call it quits. I need your help….please….

      Here is what I am working with:

      Adobe PPRO 7.0

      The footage was shot on a Sony Handycam SR-42 Hard Drive Camera:

      http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8211534&type=product&id=11662355 52112

      I am working on a Windows XP machine.

      Now I have edited all of the video and have done all of my sound, I just want to export an MPEG that is under 100mb so I can upload it to YouTube. My video is a little over 6-minutes long. I have tried to export it as everything including MPEG, MPEG2, WMV, FLV, SWF, and I get weird glitches each time. Example:

      MPEG: Can be really choppy and gives you motion sickness
      WMV: Has bizarre wavy lines that distort the image
      FLV and SWF: For some reason the ratio is tweaked on these so if I try to export it as a 4:3 it comes out looking sqaure and if I export it as a 16:9 it makes it vertically taller than it is wide.

      I am no video Guru and only had minimal PPRO training in college like 6 years ago. I just need to know what sort of settings I need to tweak so I can export a decent looking video that is under 100mb with decent sound. Can someone walk me through what the settings should be? I have been crawling through message boards the last three days and I can’t find anything. I have tried the default export settings but they either glitch something or are too large. I have tried taking a good MPEG2 export and running it through a FLV/SWF converter but it screws up the ratio. I seriously think I am going insane.

      Please Obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope….

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      First of all, the latest version of Premiere is CS3 (Pro 3). Premiere Pro 7 does NOT exist. If its version 7, its NOT pro. In fact, Premiere went from 6.5 to Pro 1. Again, if its version 7, its probably elements. Premiere Pro didn’t exist 6 years ago either. Since we don’t know what encoder your using, its hard to walk you through anything.

      MPEG1 is what you want. If its playing back choppy, make sure your frame size is 320×240. 6 minutes should MOST DEFINITELY be under 100Mb. For audio setting, mono would be best. (YouTube will make your audio mono anyways).

      By the way, if you open a directors account on youtube, the 10 minute/100Mb file limit is removed.

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      Thank you for helping and I did actually get it to compile without any glitches. You are correct, when I was in college we were in regular Premiere, but I couldn’t tell you what version. I have also attached a screen capture of the "About" screen so you can see what I was referencing when trying to explain my setup with PPRO. Are there any books you would recommend about compression to better understand how it works?

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      Thanks for the screen shot. What you have is Pro 1. Like I had stated in my first post, Premiere went from 6.5 to Pro 1. The V7.0 indicates its the next version above 6.5, which is the first version of pro. I am currently using Pro 1.5. I’m surprised Adobe labeled it that way. I can see why someone would think its Pro version 7.

      Glad you got it to work.

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