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      Hello, I am not into making video at all. However I would like to have some for our website and maybe even something we could air on local TV station.

      Would it be a good idea to have some kind of contest thrown out there having allot of new ideas and giving everyone the same opportunity. The fairest way to judge would be to launch it on you tube and see who gets the most votes, making first place win 3 to 4 thousand and second place 500 to 1000?

      I am curious if this is a good idea and if you think there would be any interest in it.

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      Hi Rickk –

      You might have an easier time by just hiring a video producer local to you – The cost would probably be the same or less than running a contest and it would certainly be quicker. It would also save you the trouble of viewing many entries.

      Another perk to doing it this way is you will have more input into the project by having access to the person chosen, rather than just putting some general direction out there and hoping for the best. I have had some amazing clients give me carte blanche (which has resulted in some of my best work) and some who wanted absolute creative control (which has resulted in some of my worst product). In either case, the client was very happy with the end result and the prices were well under what you’re looking to award in prize money.

      I have found when a client approaches me with a possible job, my mind starts off almost immediately on several ideas, each of which I discuss in general with the client and then we settle on one that I start to put together – This process can sometimes be very fast (one day from start to finish) and my price will reflect that.

      As for interest in the idea, there are companies (I won’t mention them here) that have this as their business model – They are approached to do a video for $5K, then they run a contest and award $2k to the winner, and just pocket the difference. I have seen some very good work in these but it would be your job to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Panasonic LUMIX GH5s w/ Leica lens

Given away to one lucky winner

Competition is open worldwide