Have you ever purchased a used camcorder?

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      Hey everyone. Just wanted to get a quick survey to find out if anyone has ever bought a used cam from any source other than a store. Ebay, craigslist, corner store, whatever. If so, did it turn out to be a good cam or did you get screwed? How much research did you do before you bought your cam. I am really talking about prosumer type stuff too, not really cams that you can get at wal mart. It’s not even worth getting those used because they are cheap already. Thanks for the feedback.

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      I just got a used Panasonic DVX-100A from Craigslist in Grand Rapids, MI. The owner met me at Starbucks with it and allowed me to handle it. Cosmetically a 6 or 7 out of 10. (It was used for Hunting Videos) However, everything has been great so far. I got it for $1,000 after almost buying a new one for $2,500 or so. I assume when I go HD, I can get most of that thousand back when I resell it. Good experience here.

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      I got a used Sony PD170 from Craig’s List in Philly. I chose Craig’s List because I would be able to meet the seller in person and test the camera myself to see if it is working properly. I haven’t had a problem with the camera at all. If you are thinking about buying a used camera, here are some things to do so you can test the camera before purchasing:

      – Bring a tape; play it, fast forward, rewind, and record. Make sure the camera doesn’t make any funny sounds.

      – check the lens for any scratches/dirt/finger prints. See if it already has a UV filter on. If does, that’s a good sign that the sell took care of the camera.

      – check the zoom and/or focus rings to make sure they rotate smoothly.

      – bring headphones so you can check the mic

      – check the LCD screen and viewfinder.

      – then just play with it and see if you like how it feels.

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      Purchased two, a Canon GL2 from another guy in the business, and an older model S-VHS camera – Panasonic AG-460, from someone also in the business, both found on sell/trade video production forums. Both times we each were strangers and had to extend a degree faith money vs equipment being what it said it was. Both times I have been treated kindly by the gods and received full value for what I paid.

      I knew what I wanted both times, and knew the prices were reasonable (not giveaways, but significantly less than new), but beyond a bit of extended dialog with both sellers, e-mail, posts and phone, I don’t know much more about how to research people.

      I might have a bit more trouble trusting used purchases from anyone other than people in the business who generally have taken decent care, even if they have worked that puppy to death to get full R.O.I., but generally speaking, if not purchasing from a huge production facility or a cable or broadcast facility, the independent user/owner, IMHO, is a more trustworthy soul on all levels, and the equipment isn’t likely to have as many miles on it, or been abused by uncaring employees. Maybe. Sometimes. So I’d be inclined to buy from an individual who has been or is in the business.

      Many, like me for example, are offering decent prices on equipment that still has GREAT life expectancy and service because we are moving into a different line of equipment, upgrading, or somesuch.

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