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      No sign-up required. Just browse the music, find what you like, pay (through paypal), and download.

      No questions asked. No “would you like to be part of our mailing list?”

      I assume if you like the music, you’ll be back.

      This is a small site run by one composer: me. Selection is admittedly small at the moment,
      but the whole idea behind the site is to make it as hassle-free to
      license music as possible. Prices are affordable, within $18-$30 range.

      I don’t like hassles any more than you do. Song are sold as 320 kbps mp3 files. I assume you know how to convert mp3s into wavs, if your video software requires it, and edit music lengths to suit your needs. If you don’t know how, I assume you’re smart enough to google it and find out how.

      Today is May 20th, 2010. To anyone reading this many moons from now, who knows if the site will change, but this is my policy at the moment.

      Best of luck in all your endeavours!


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      I liked what I heard! Especially the piano music. Is that a real piano or a digital composition? (It sure sounds real!)

      FYI don’t play both piano selections simultaeously. 😉

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      Interesting initial offerings. Some of it has solid potential. Some of it sounds very similar to other libraries I purchase from – Music2Hues, Music Bakery, Best of Themes, Energetic Music…

      I can see your library, and popularity, growing quickly provided you can rapidly implement more and broader choices, with some significant differences in tempo and flavor.

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      I’m in!

      I tried to log in a few times but my old PW wasn’t working, but I finally made it in!

      Apologies for not responding sooner. I know this sounds jaded, but it’s so rare that I get reponses on this cold-blooded thing we call the Internet, that I just never bothered to check in again.

      Thank you both for your encouraging & positive comments. Dare I quote poor old Sally Field: (“you like me! you really really”…oh forget it).

      @pseudosafari: I think I understand what you mean…I assume you mean that if you play one demo track, and then don’t turn it off and start another demo track on the same page, that the first one will keep playing and not shut off automatically, right? I just have to learn some more about html programming to fix that, I suppose. Now I’ll paraphrase Dr. McCoy from Star Trek: “I’m a composer, Jim, not a programmer!”

      @EarlC – I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. I’ve added a few more tunes/categories, though of course the song selection is small:

      I’ve added a “Folk Latin” category, but I’d like to mention my “Belly Dancing” category, only because it has a song I’m proud of, because it’s a mix of Urban Pop with spice exotic elements. Hope you’ll check it out! The song is called “Secrets of the Far East”.

      Oh, and I can’t leave without mentioning another song called “Cabin Party” in the Pop section, which is like a Motown/B52s inspired thing.

      I’m starting to think that perhaps I should ask people to join a mailing list so I can tell them about new songs/categories as I add them…what do you think?

      All the best,

      Sean C.


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      Oh heck! I forgot to answer pseudosafari’s other question:

      The piano on those tracks is from a Jv-80 synth. It’s a sample of a real piano, though the JV-80 was made in the early 1990s, and so is a child of that decade’s technology.

      However I also do some “producing” to give it a nicer, warmer sound.



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      Today is August 4/10, and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve completely changed my website.

      I am now selling my royalty-free music as one 21-track collection (.zip file) priced at only…wait for it…$19.95 USD!

      The songs are now in WAV file format, which I am told is much easier to work with

      in video editing programs.

      Full demos on the site ( http://www.worldstagemusic.net ).

      I can’t say for how much longer I will be able to offer anything, as Internet hosting fees are starting to get me, and I may have to take my site down altogether soon enough.

      So come take advantage of my situation, while my site still exists.

      Even though it’s hard to tell honesty from a slick ploy on the Internet, I assure you it’s the truth. I can’t make you believe me.

      In any case, 21 tracks of music that you can use forever, for $19.95, is far from being a rip-off. If my site keeps going past October, it will be due to your kind purchases and your help in spreading the word. Or some other miracle!


      Sean C.


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