Has anyone used Amazon Advantage to market videos?

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I would like to make and market documentary videos (about Civil War battlefields) that could be marketed on Amazon (and any other possible sites). I'm been selling ebooks and paperbooks on Amazon, B&N and elsewhere for some time and am quite comfortably with that system. But so far, only Amazon seems to be offering an outlet for videos, but it's apparently just getting up to speed and there's not much explaination of how it works. Has anyone here used Amazon Advantage? If so, what's your experience been like? Also, are there any other good marketing outlets for videos?

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No experience with Amazon Advantage.

If you're not familiar with these folks you might take a look at http://howtosellyourvideos.com/

I attended a seminar presented by Rick several years ago and was quite impressed with his breadth of knowledge and with his success marketing special interest videos. You can get on their mailing list and receive quite a bit of information each week, or contact Rick and Kim directly for more information.