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      Im looking to be building a computer in the future for editing and gaming.

      Mostly editing.

      For those of you that do a lot of editing with programs like Premier and Avid and Final Cut Pro, what would you reccomend for a system that would run smoothly at most all times while editing. I know due to my computer right now that editing can take a toll on you rcomputer’s performance, and your computers performance can take a toll on your editing!

      What kind of graphics card, or do you reccomend dual cards, I know a lot of people are doing that these days… what speed processor and how much ram and what kind?? Any other tips are welcome as well!

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    when looking at editing pc choices…
    the larger the Hard Drives, the better
    get the most ram you can
    get quality components
    get an adequate power supply
    the faster the processor, the better your experience will be

    ultimately, i would suggest researching all your choices of software for editing regarding specifications and hardware compatibility, ask questions in the community forums for those particular programs. You have to decide the level of time and economic commitments you are going to make in doing this.


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    addition to John….. don’t mix ur PC with Editing and Gaming…..

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    I would like to make some observations:
    – first, the minimum amount of RAM to work decent is actually 512 MB (since most programs require 256);
    – then, having both hdd’s as master is not always required nor recommended; e.g. I use a Pinnacle platform and the setup recommended by them is system drive – pri master / video drive – pri slave;
    – and last, the graphics card is really of no importance unless you also want to do 3D and digital compositing (Maya, 3DS etc) editing programs (NLE’s) won’t benefit from an expensive card. I reckon any 128 meg card will do if you can find one.

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    compusolver Wrote:

    512k is the minimum to be able to run most NLEs, but not the minimum I would recommend. I have run with 512k, 1gig and 2gig of ram and believe me there is a big difference between 512k and 1gig. The cost (if buying online) difference is only fifty bucks, so I would recommend a minimum of 1gig ram, and 2gig is much better.

    As for the drives, faster is better and masters are faster than slaves. There is no software that would complain or run slower if you put your video drive up as a master.

    Video cards – there are cards that may make some software occasionally crash (especially Pinnacle Studio) and other cards that will do a live-render of animations and compositions faster, and this is where a little extra video ram can help prevent dragging video previews.

    So, while my well-meaning Romanian friend is usually right-on with his posts, I would urge anyone setting up a new system to pay some attention to my recommendations and even more so – those of videoguys.com (with whom I have no connection).

    I heartily agree — I’ve noticed a big difference running from the master and I recently upgraded to a gig of ram. I should have done that a long time ago.

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    compusolver Wrote:

    512k is the minimum to be able to run most NLEs, but not the minimum I would recommend. I have run with 512k, 1gig and 2gig of ram and believe me there is a big difference between 512k and 1gig.

    I’m sure you meant 512 MB, rather than K πŸ˜‰ Having 512k of RAM must be a nightmare indeed.

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    compusolver Wrote:

    By the way, did you see the article in this month’s VM where it says Avid Express requires 1.5MB and is happier with 2MB?


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    Whoever said you can’t have a combination editing and gaming Pc is full o’ crap. Might not be possible with a mac, but a Pc can definitely swing it, baby.

    Here’s the rundown for a decent stable system with future upgradeability. (sp?)
    This is what I’m running, choose your favorite parts….

    Aerocool JetMaster JR-SS Silver ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Front USB and Firewire Ports
    Abit AV8 VIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard / AGP 8X/4X / Audio / Gigabit LAN / USB 2.0 / Firewire / Serial ATA / RAID
    Diablo 550-Watt PSU
    PQI Turbo 1024MB Dual Channel PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory (2 x 512MB) 2 Sets
    AMD Athlon 64 3500+ / 512KB Cache / 2000MHz FSB / Socket 939 / Venice Core / Processor
    Thermaltake A1838 Silent Boost / Socket 754/940 / AMD Opteron/Athlon 64 / Ball Bearing / Copper Core / CPU Cooling Fan
    Maxtor / DiamondMax 10 / 300GB / 7200 / 16MB / SATA-150 / OEM / RoHS Compliant / Hard Drive (2 of them)
    Maxtor / DiamondMax 10 / 200GB / 7200 / 8MB / ATA-133 / EIDE / OEM / Hard Drive (2 of these too)
    Ultra Beige 3.5″ Floppy Drive with Built-in 6-in-1 Flash Card Reader
    Sony DRU800A / 16x8x16x DVD+RW / 16x6x16x DVD-RW / 4x DVDR DL / White / Internal DVD Writer (2 of these)
    ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X800XT / 256MB GDDR3 / AGP 8x / TV-Tuner / Video Card
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Pro PCI Sound Card
    PlusDeck 2 PC Cassette Deck
    And that’s just the PC in-tower stuff.
    Here’s some peripherials I have on the desk…..
    Saitek Gaming Keyboard
    Griffin Technology: Power Mate
    Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse
    special order: Creative GigaWorks S750
    Viewsonic VP2000s / 20.1-Inch / 1600 x 1200 UXGA / 16ms / DVI/Analog / Silver-Black / Thin LCD Monitor
    Microtek Scanmaker 6000
    Epson R300
    Yamaha Keyboard with midi control ports
    And for good measure, I plugged in a VCR and a PS2 to the ATI-input/outputs and a 32″ TV to the outputs.

    I also routed a reverse cable to the house room-splitter cable router box in the basement. That way for parties and such I can play stuff off my computer and view it in every room. Since I did the wiring for the house when it was built 3 years ago, I included in-wall speakers systems in every room that run off the central system. Knowing ahead of time my intention, I created a special box in my own room which allows me to route the audio directly to my computer if I want. It comes in handy for those times when you want to control the ambient level without giving direct control to those in the room, as is normally available.

    I realize that this stuff isn’t all up to par with the newest and best, but it’s been a hardcore workhorse for me in video editing and graphics work as well as busting out great gaming edge when I’m in the mood.
    It’s nice to have a system that can run HL2 and D3 with maxed out settings and not even flinch. I built the whole thing from scratch back in December ((?) maybe January)). Looks Pretty.

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    Jonathan Decker Wrote:

    Whoever said you can’t have a combination editing and gaming Pc is full o’ crap.

    It wasn’t me! I swear! It was kdkc! X-D X-D

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