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      I have been contacted by a couple of parents of high school athletes about creating highlight reels of their STAR athlete. I can video, compose, and run the stew out of my editing software but, my current camcorder is definitely not up to the task. I have made my mind up then read something else and then changed my mind, then read something else and guess what…changed my mind again. I have done this so much over the last couple of weeks my head hurts and I am more confused now than before.

      For starters high school football, night games under the lights; baseball mostly day games, basketball gym lights. Is there one camera that can do all sports well? Consumer… Canon HV20, Prosumer… VX2100, PD170, or GL2. I want quality output, after all the parents are paying me and it could mean big savings for the parents (Scholarship).

      Being realistic, I will need to buy used if I go with the prosumer line. This time. You never know, it might turn into a regular gig. I dont think it calls for HD at this time. In this thriving metropolis of 1400 we’re lucky we have electricity and running water.

      As far as interviews I have contacted a friend who is a broadcasting major and just so happens to be a team manager for a NCAA SEC team. Hey he even knows what they are looking for in the packets.

      If you dont have any advice at least send the Advil.


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      Hi Ronnie –

      I don’t have any experience with high end (prosumer or pro) cameras but I do know that the VX2100 is rated at one lux and many wedding videographers use it for it’s low light capabilities.

      On an aside, to spice up your video, I would heartily suggest some assets by Digital Juice – I used many of them for videos of my son’s basketball team – Team video and specific player highlight reels.

      There is the Sports Jumpback (motion backgrounds): http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=14

      There is the Sports Editors Toolkit (motion backgrounds, lower thirds, masks, overlays, motion design elements – all in matched sets): http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=157

      As well as sports music: http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=261 (actually there are many more StackTraxx suited to sports but this is their official sports themed one – Look at their Dynamic Intensity, Power, Extreme and High Impact staxx as well).

      I know I seem like I may work for them, I don’t, but I have lots of their products and really love how they work and how easy they make it for me.

      Also, they run fantastic deals almost every day – For example, they have all of their mix-n-match packages (JumpBacks, HD JumpBacks, StackTraxx, Swipes, Motion Design Elements, JuiceDrops, Print Design Elements, DJTV) on sale now for special pricing of 4 for $99, 7 for $149 and 12 for $249 (reflects the two free ones with purchase) – Really not a bad deal.

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      Sony’s have always been the best for low light and have a great picture. If you can find a PD-150 or 170 in your price range great, but you will not be dissapiointed if you get a VX2100. I would go further and suggest a VX2000. There is absolutely no major differences between the VX200 and VX2100 except the VX2100 has a minimum illumination of 1lux whereas the VX2000 has 2lux. You will not be shooting anywhere near 1 or 2 lux so the the difference will not be noticeable. The price difference (apprx. $500) is not worth 1 lux difference. See here: http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/sony-dcr-vx2100-vs-dcr-vx2000-low-light.htm
      the pictures can be lightened by using the gain…I’ve been really impressed with Sony’s gain. Though gain is a bad word and shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary, I noticed that there was no graininess at low gain if there was just a little light somewhere. When I maxed out the gain, I was still impressed, it was nowhere near as grainy as it should’ve been…

      The main difference in the PD series compared to the VX is the audio quality. The PD series has XLR audio inputs whereas the VX series has the standard 1/8" inputs. It is doubtfull that you will need the XLR inputs and the families won’t be dissapointed in the quality if the 1/8" nor the fact that you didn’t use XLR. However, it is more professional and if it’s in your budget…I would get it.


      Best Regards,


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      Yep, you should never really have a problem with lighting, as far as sports goes. If you really need a low light camera, then go with a Sony. However, I would choose a Canon. The GL2 is good, and even a used XL2 would be great for what you need.

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