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      I’m buying an additional hard drive for editing. My mobo supports UltraDMA100. I need some specifications to shop for -OR- specific drive model/brand recommendations to consider. I know "sustained data transfer rate" is something to consider but I don’t know a value to look for. Thanks in advance.


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    I’ve always used Western Digital harddrives and have not had a problem with any of them… I’ve got two internal and – after a trip to Best Buy yesterday – three external (they had a special and was cheaper than B&H by $5). You should be looking for nothing slower than 7200RPM with a minimum of 100 gigs… I personally always go for external drives because if something ever happened to the computer, I could always unplug the drives and easily put them on a new computer, after re-installing the editing software (learned that in college).
    I don’t know, that’s my advice.
    Oh, and I’ve heard good things about Seagate, but I’ve never actually owned any…


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