Hard Drive Recorders, The Sequel…

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      I’ve been looking at the Canon FireStore FS-4 Portable DTE Recorder, but I don’t know if I need something that meaty. I would be using it on my tripod camera for wedding ceremonies. I don’t believe it compresses the video, but I want to ask about that as well. Here’s the specs:


      Are there smaller devices that would do the trick without compression?

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      I should’ve mentioned that I’m considering purchasing a camera with a broken tape drive, so it cannot record or play onto tape.

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      I checked out hd recorders too. same reason, got a sony trv 350 for a couple bucks at a yard sale. broken tape drive. used it teathered to my laptop with an ext firewire drive.
      ads makes one (its marketed under another brand name as well) about half the cost of the canon/firestorm model.

      the question is this:
      do you buy a back-up camera? (I tried using a borrowed canon zr 300 and ran the canon in recorder mode with a firewire connection to my sony) (the canon had ext mic and was useable in good light for a backup, but the sony performed better in low light and had better exposure control, also a great way to view from the canon while the sony was mounted up high on a boom.)

      or a better camera? (I got a sony hdr hc1 for less than the firestore)? ( now my trv 350 is a web cam in my house).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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